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Meet Monita Tequila

Making every moment memorable

Monita Tequila is a 100% agave blanco tequila that is 100% black female owned. The completely unique flavor profile was created with the aim to be the smoothest tequila with the softest finish. Named in honor of the creator's late mother, this brand was created with a mission to celebrate all of life's moments as well as the culture and tradition combined in its creation.


Created by Serita Braxton, Monita Tequila is named after her late mother who left a lasting impression on everyone she met and could make even the smallest moment memorable.

In the spirit of Monita, this brand has been designed to be the perfect complement to all of life's moments. Whether you're making meaningful memories with those you love or want to celebrate an unforgettable major milestone our custom blanco profile of 100% agave tequila has a smooth taste that's perfect to sip chilled or pair with your favorite cocktail. 

The blanco profile is now available to order in our shop and will be aged into reposado and añejo profiles. Monita Tequila is distilled in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico by Tequila Mexico Spirits.

Meet The Team

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The Vision

This mission driven brand will work to make a positive impact through its community focused efforts. We will host and sponsor events and activities centered around creative expression and entrepreneurship with themes that directly affect the Black community. As a commitment to the initiative that Monita herself advocated for, a portion of proceeds will be donated to organizations that work to address the endemic of missing black women and children in the US.

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