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Q&A: Unveiling the Secrets of Monita Tequila

Serita Braxton, creator of Monita Tequila holding the bottle on a rooftop with umbrellas and people seating in the background
Creator Serita Braxton, Photo by Miguel Lara

Introducing a tequila like no other! Distilled in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico, by Tequila Spirits Mexico, Monita Tequila boasts a distinctive flavor profile unlike any other. What’s even more remarkable is that this brand is proudly black women-owned, adding a new dimension to the world of premium tequila.

Q1: What is the age of the Agave used for Monita Tequila? Is it sourced in Tequila or from another region in Mexico?

A: The Agaves used for Monita Tequila are 6 years old. They are carefully harvested from Tequila Spirits Mexico's fields in Amatitan, Jalisco, the very region where their distillery is located.

Q2: What is the water source for Monita Tequila?

A: Since the Agave plant requires little water, the distillery relies on the natural rainy season occurring between June and August. This rainfall provides all the water needed for cultivating Agave plants.

Q3: What is the fermentation process for Monita Tequila?

A: Monita Tequila undergoes fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The process takes approximately 32 hours during the summer and 36 hours during the winter. It is meticulously carried out without utilizing fibers. There is a special yeast used that is specifically selected for the production of tequila. Additionally, open-air fermentation is utilized in the process.

Q4: How is the Agave crushed for Monita Tequila?

A: In the production of Monita Tequila, the distillery employs a roller mill to crush the Agave, ensuring optimum extraction and the highest quality of spirits.

Q5: What cooking method is used for the Agave in Monita Tequila?

A: The piñas (the heart of the Agave plant) are carefully cooked in a stainless steel oven at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius for a duration of 10 hours. This high-pressure cooking method guarantees the optimal extraction of flavors and aromas, resulting in the exceptional quality of our tequila.

We strive to maintain the utmost transparency about our production process so that you can enjoy every sip of Monita Tequila with confidence. Cheers to the essence of Jalisco, the land where our captivating tequila is born!

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